Муниципальное казенное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Красноборская средняя общеобразовательная школа»

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Есть предложения по организации учебного процесса или знаете, как сделать школу лучше?

«In each child's soul

there are invisible strings.

If you touch them with a skillful hand,

they will sound beautiful

A. Suhomlinsky


Municipal state educational institution "Krasnoborskaya secondary school»

 Welcome to our website of the municipal state educational institution "Krasnoborskaya secondary school"


Dear friends! The administration of Municipal State Educational Institution  "Кrasnoborskaya School" is glad to welcome you on the pages of our official website. We offer you information about the work of the school and the interaction of participants in the educational process. On the website you can get acquainted with the program of development of the school, the results of educational activities and interesting news. We hope You will find here useful information, learn more about the school and become regular readers and interlocutors.

In the Leningrad region, in the Tosnensky district our settlement Krasny Bor is located.

Information about educational organization - municipal formation Tosnensky district Leningrad region. The functions and powers of the Founder are exercised by the administration of the municipality of Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region.

Founder: Municipal formation Tosnensky district of Leningrad region( 187000, Tosno, Lenin prospect, 32); the Chairman of the Committee of education of the municipal administration Tosnensky district of Leningrad region: Ismailova Yuliya Victorovna;

Creation date: 29.03.1973

Working regime: Monday-Friday, 8.00 am – 18.00

Students ' entrance to the school building: from 07.50

Organizational time: 07.50-08.00

Classes start: 08.10

Legal address of the school: 187015, Leningrad region, Tosnensky district, Krasny Bor, Sovetsky prospect, 47

The actual address of the school: 187015, Leningrad region, Tosnensky district, p. Krasny Bor, Sovetsky Prospekt, d. 47

Phone: (813-61)622-72, (813-61)622-82

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The History of formation of Krasnoborskaya secondary school.

In 2006, the school celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Growing up in the early 20th century at the station Popovka suburban villages Upper and lower  Podobedovka, Self-help 1 and 2 with a large number of residents strongly demanded the opening of  high school, as primary schools no longer satisfied the needs of residents. In spring of 1906, a society was formed to deliver funds to the secondary school, in the summer plans and regulations for a mixed secondary school for both sexes were worked out. September 23 was followed by the  highest permission  of  Nicholas II to the opening of the 1st and 2nd class of such institution, and September 25 began the right classes in both classes, which came for the first time 15 boys and 12 girls in. In 1909, a large two-storey building was built, designed for 8 classes. There were two recreational halls, canteen, library, teachers ' room, principal's office, etc. The school Building lasted until 1919. In 1918, it became known as a Single Labor first and second stage. After the fire, students were transferred to the second shift in the building of the former Zemskaya school. In 1937, the construction of the school building on Kalinin street behind the Park was completed, it was popularly called "New school". During the Patriotic war Krasnyi Bor was completely destroyed. There was no school building.

In 1949, the 4-grade school began working on the street of Culture. Since 1950, it   became a seven- year (pupils began to study for 7 years).  The school was wooden, with stove heating, it was lit with kerosene lamps. The village was gradually restored, the population grew. It was very closely to study in the main building, classes were engaged in private homes. In 1961, the school opened on 9 th street. The school was large, with bright classrooms, workshops in a separate building, large gym. Since 1960, the school has become an eight-year. By 1970, the school had 1560 students, classes were in two shifts, it was decided to build a new school. On September 1, 1974, the builders handed the symbolic key of the school to the Director of the school Karnaukh Nikolai Romanovich. The school on Sovetsky Avenue 47 is designed for 960 students, the school has an office system, a gym, workshops, a cinema hall, a library, a computer science room. Since 1988, the school has a Museum of the history of the school and the village of Krasny Bor. Currently, the school has 210 students, there are 20 teachers. Our traditions are: Russian traditional holidays of the calendar cycle, meetings with veterans of the great Patriotic war, with school graduates, excursions, military song Festival, the first and last bell festival, participation in Competitions of various levels, work of the correspondence travel Agency, summer educational camp.




Autumn is harvest time. The September weather made us happy with its warm days. Today, after lessons, the 4th class pupils, armed with buckets and boxes, went to our green laboratory under the open sky to harvest.
The grown harvest surprised us. Having tasted the tomatoes, we were finally convinced that they are ripe, juicy and tasty! A good school greenhouse is the pride of students and teachers!


Health Day

On September 11, our school held  Health Day. We were so lucky with the weather, and with the participants, and with the mood which was exellent. Pupils and class teachers took part in station competitions, where participants enthusiastically competed in speed, agility and solidarity. The day was filled with many bright and unforgettable moments.




School pfoject PENFRIENDS

Our school is participating in an exciting project called PENFRIENDS.

This project is led by an English teacher Natalya AnatolyevnaBylina.

We made friends with children from different countries.

For example, we have friends in Brazil, Argentina, Chile. We also made friends with children from Kenya. But we also have penpalsnot only in the South America and Africa but in Europe. We correspond with students from Italy, Germany, Greece and Great Britain. But that is not all. We also receive letters from the North American continent. WehavefriendsintheUnitedStates.

Here are some letters we’ve received from Germany and Italy.

Having friends and corresponding with them is so FUN!!!

If you want to have friends from our school write to us!






On 26 sep 2017 “ Krasnoborskaya School " held a fun sports day for pupils of the 1 class. Active participation of children and their parents helped to make the event fun and interesting.


Football championship among 5-9 classes. September in Krasnoborskaya school ended with the football championship among 5-9 classes. The game was exciting until the very last moment. No one was left without well-deserved awards. Both players and fans received a charge of vivacity!


All-Russian lessons dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Turgenev I. S.

On October 26, the Krasnoborskaya school held all-Russian lessons dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Turgenev I. S. Classes were conducted under the guidance of the teachers of Russian language and literature Spelman Irina Petrovna and Konoplev Vasily Petrovich in the form of "Literary living room", the purpose of which was to expand and deepen students ' ideas about the life and work of Turgenev, to acquaint them with the history of his love for Polina Viardo. The presentation was accompanied by slide shows, reading poetry. As a result of joint creative activity of students and teachers the lesson was interesting and informative.


Open day for future first-graders in " Krasnoborskaya School"

On December 1, our school held an open day for future first-graders and their parents. The program of the day was rich and various. In the official part the Director of the school Vladimir Evgenievich Pasynok spoke to the parents. He presented the school administration, announced the regulations for the day. The deputy director for academic affairs Irina Yurievna Belchenko told about the rules of admission to the 1st grade, about the program that awaits children, about the possibilities of the school and much more. Then parents together with children watched a theatrical performance in the Assembly hall, which was prepared for the future first-graders by the pupils of the state "Krasnoborskaya School" under the leadership of Inna Igorevna Margolina. Then the guests were given a tour of the school, the deputy director for educational work Svetlana Yurievna Nikitina showed them how classrooms were equipped, the canteen, the sports hall. The canteen staff prepared for the children a treat - delicious home-made biscuits, Olga Erikhovna Chugunova conducted a tour around the school Museum, Tatiana Yurievna Kolesnikova prepared together with the children who attend classes of the "School of developmental education" in Krasnoborskaya School the play in English. Svetlana Grigorievna Shlenchak met the children in the sports hall, where parents and children took part in the "Fun starts".

Now the future first-graders who visited the event on December 1, know how interesting children live in school - not only learn, but also dance, sing, play!


Congratulate the winners!

Сongratulations to Nikita Zinchuk (8th grade) the winner of the Regional stage of Аll-Russian competition of research works of students of local lore of the "Fatherland". Nikita took the 3rd place in the nomination "Countrymen. Historical necropolis of Russia". ATTABOY! In total, 72 students from 16 municipalities of the Leningrad region took part in the competition. We express our gratitude to Olga Erikhovna Chugunova for the training of the winner. We wish you victories in the future!


А mathematical battle

In our school again there was a mathematical battle between 8-10 classes, organized by the teachers of mathematics Irina Yurievna Belchenko and Alexei Sergeevich Savelyev. Teams of pupils of 8-10 classes took part in this battle. The children solved non-standard mathematical problems for 45 minutes. The victory was won by the team of the 8th class. Well done!


New Year's walking on school!

In the framework of extracurricular activities "Holidays in English" the children of the 7th grade with their class teacher Natalia Anatolievna Bylina introduced the guests to the tradition of celebrating "Christmas" in England.


 February 23rd

Сongratulations to our defenders on the 23rd of February! We spent the day of defender of the Fatherland with worthy solemnity and special warmth! February 23 is a Day of military glory of Russia, which the Russian troops have gained on the battlefield! Initially, this day has a great meaning - to love, honor and protect their homeland, and if necessary, to be able to defend it with dignity. On February 22nd , the school held a competition "Come on, guys!"which competed in the military and physical preparation of pupils of 6-9 classes. The confident victory was won by the team of the 8th class, on the 2nd place team of 9th class, on 3 – 6th class. Yuri Anatolievich Dudinsky (the teacher of physical education) and Alexander Alexandrovich Zykov (the teacher of basics of life safety ) perfectly organized the relay and the competition program for students. The decoration of the holiday was the demonstration performance of the team consisting of girls who demonstrated excellent skills of combat training. Elena Yurievna Taran (the teacher of technology) together with students worked hard on decorating the school and creating a festive mood.


Project and research activities

On March 16th , the pupil of the 6th form from our school - Egorov Daniil took part in the municipal competition of project and research activities in English. His project was called «Great Britain in the 1st World war». It was made under the guidance of the teacher of English Tatiana Yurievna Kolesnikova. We had won the 3rd place!